Winter Safe Copper Rain Gauges

Winter Safe

Copper Rain Gauges

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Unique floating rain gauges for lawn, garden, patio and deck. Easy to read and fun to use.

We’ve Been Making Rain Fun Since 1999!

Our Most Popular!

For Most 1-3.75" Rails

Patio Ready!

For Wood Rails

Flat Wood Only

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Why Us?

We invented the Original Floating Rain Gauge®. We build it to last in our NY shop with products sourced from other hardworking small businesses.

Our popular rain gauges have been copied but these counterfeit rain gauges are cheap and short lived. They damage our stellar reputation, end up in landfills after one season and create mistrust in the marketplace. We’re not fans.

Low prices often mean low quality. Whenever possible, buy from reputable retailers or brand websites. Thank you for supporting small American businesses like mine!