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Not everyone loves rain but lots of people like to measure it. We're happy to be making rain fun — since 1999.


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Love this rain gauge! Glad to be able to change foam.

Order directly from World’s Coolest Range Gauge; the stuff on Amazon is crap and not cheaper!

Awesome product and service

After our pup decided that the blue tube for measurement was to attractive to leave alone we were needed a replacement. The order process was seamless, price was reasonable and delivery performed quickly. We have had our rain gauge for a number of years and my Wife loves being able to quickly and easily monitor rainfall in our yard.

Clamp Style Copper Rain Gauge, Deck Fence Railing Mount
lynne wernli
Beautiful design and made in America

We just love it. Very high quality and beautiful design. I used to just tolerate rain gauges but this rain gauge is an attractive addition to our yard.

Love it!

Beautiful design and great quality!

My Dad loved this show much from Christmas and the ingenious concept that he bought me one !

Very easy instructions and installation.

Fair price & fast delivery. Very happy with this one.

Very pleased with customer service for this replacement!

Nice gauge

I wrote a poor review the other because I had not received my package after 10 days due to the USPS inefficiency. Package finally arrived and in good condition. Looks like a really nice unit. It's a present for my wife so it will be a few weeks before it will be tried out.


Had lost hope to get my rain gauge fixed, then purchased the foam kit. It was so easy to install and get it back up again!

Fun & Practical

We've had our rain gauge in service for a while now, and it's always fun to go out and check if the blue vial has risen. Comparing it to our other gauge, it seems to be pretty accurate, which is enough for our purposes. The most fun is when we've had an "atmospheric river," and the blue vial is sticking out 2 inches or more!

The repair worked great, & lots of rain to prove it 👏🏻

Genuine quality product and excellent customer service

We bought this as a gift for my father-in-law. We were impressed with the hand -made and made in USA quality. Product was damaged during shipping and a replacement part was shipped immediately. Very happy!

Rain Guage

Exactly what I ordered. Shipped and Received quickly. Wife loves it.

Great gifts

I bought these for everyone at Christmas last year. My sister and brother-in-law were mowing, and somehow tore up the floating gauge. I ordered them a new gauge for Christmas this year. It came in very quick. My whole family loves these rain gauges.

I am giving it as a Christmas gift, however, if she likes it, I plan to get my self one as well.

Rian Gauge Foam Inserts.

Fast delivery

Looks great

The old one had small numbers that had worn off. This new one has very large numbers. Don’t know how it works…no rain yet. Also shipping was very fast…thank you.

rain gauge

I am giving it as a Christmas gift to my husband because when I saw it I was sure it would be the perfect gift. I know he will love it

Speedy shipping and perfect to get my rain gauge back in working order.

Lovely but . . .

I bought both the stake rain gauge and the clamp style. These are beautiful and seems to be really well made. I look forward to seeing how they work. But the stake-style gauge appears to have two problems - the 24” pole is way too short, and I am surprised that there is no ‘ L ‘ shaped bracket at the bottom of the stake which would make it more stable in the ground.

Superb customer service

Amazing fast and generous customer service. A very fun product. Complete answers when asked questions. A six star company for product and service.

Great gift

We gave one of these special rain gauges to friends, and they love it. Consequently, we just bought two more for Christmas gifts and anticipate more positive feedback.

Beautiful and easy to read

After moving to a brand new house we needed a rain gauge to help us track when we need to water our grass and plants. This is attractive, easy to install, and it's easy to read. We placed it a fair distance from the house, and we can get a good idea of how much rain we got from our breakfast nook.