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Not everyone loves rain but lots of people like to measure it. We're happy to be making rain fun — since 1999.


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Lovely but . . .

I bought both the stake rain gauge and the clamp style. These are beautiful and seems to be really well made. I look forward to seeing how they work. But the stake-style gauge appears to have two problems - the 24” pole is way too short, and I am surprised that there is no ‘ L ‘ shaped bracket at the bottom of the stake which would make it more stable in the ground.

Superb customer service

Amazing fast and generous customer service. A very fun product. Complete answers when asked questions. A six star company for product and service.

Great gift

We gave one of these special rain gauges to friends, and they love it. Consequently, we just bought two more for Christmas gifts and anticipate more positive feedback.

Beautiful and easy to read

After moving to a brand new house we needed a rain gauge to help us track when we need to water our grass and plants. This is attractive, easy to install, and it's easy to read. We placed it a fair distance from the house, and we can get a good idea of how much rain we got from our breakfast nook.

6" Replacement Tube
Heather Holler

I have had these rain gauges for yeArs in three different states! They are a major part of my garden life - to water or not to water! I have given them as gifts,too. My only warning is to make sure you don't plant them under trees or branches. The service and delivery times are great.


Perfect replacement part! Works great now

Wonderful product, even better service

After many, many years of use, the measurement tube in our very favorite rain gauge stopped floating. We were thrilled to find we could buy a replacement (so thrilled we bought two!). Unfortunately only one was sent, but as soon as I contacted Moira, she responded and sent the second one immediately, along with a humorous apology. We are back in business now, just need some rain. Highly highly recommend the product and the company.

6" Replacement Tube
Michael Harris
Works as expected

This is the 3rd one I have ordered. All perform as expected with no issues.

3" Foam Repair Kit
Mike Reifenberg
easy to change foam insert

it was easy to change out the foam insert.


Now just need rain so rain gauges can do the job. I like the larger numbers on the floats as I can read them from the house. Will keep you in mind when tubes need new foam.

Great service!

We needed a repair kit and emailed the site. It was sent out immediately. Fast and easy repair with great service

Excellent product. Prompt delivery - great service. I highly recommend

Working Great

I ordered a replacement tube for my rain gauge. It is working great. Timely delivery.

6" Replacement Tube
W Greg Snarr
New Life

The quarter inch markings had faded to 1 inch. New tube has added milliliters. Prompt service.


Received our rain gauge last week. Installed it on our deck (took just a couple of minutes) and stood back to admire. It truly is beautiful and a real conversation starter!

The materials and workmanship are top notch. And when I reached out to the company with a question, they responded extraordinarily quickly.


3" Foam Repair Kit
Wendy Herrick
Great customer service

After years of use, I needed replacement foam. I bought the replacement kit, but had trouble installing the new foam into the tube. They sent me a whole new tube and foam at no charge. Works great again.

Perfect Replacement Part

Arrived promptly

6" Replacement Tube
Christina B
At last

At last it is finally measuring. The first one wasn't measuring as the foam was raised a quarter inch from the bottom creating a bubble. We had to wait until at least an inch of rain for it to measure. Now it works very nicely. I agree it is the world's coolest rain gauge.

6" Replacement Tube
Robert Dion
Exceptioinal Customer Service

My rain gauge stopped working after 20 years! I ordered a replacement tube which arrived very quickly. Unfortunately the new tube did not fit in the old copper flute. I wrote an email to Moira asking if maybe they had changed the diameter of the tube sometime in the past. Moira at CRG attributed the cause to the contraction of the copper in the flute over time. She sent me a new flute at no charge. Wow! I never expected that. Am most greatful. Thank you Moira. Thank you CRG.

6" Replacement Tube
Candy Mullins

My original rain gage was a gift from a nursery so I had no idea where it was from. After time the foam broke down inside. I stumbled upon this place while googling trying to find a new rain gauge like my old one. So happy I found this place, the replacement fits perfectly!!!

3" Foam Repair Kit
Garey Reeves
As advertised

Great, back in business at a very reasonable price and no effort.

6" Replacement Tube
David Moloznik
Nice Product and servise.

Prompt personal response and quick turnaround time. Cleaver set up. Record 4 inches of rain the first week I used it.

FABULOUS Customer Service

We have enjoyed our Rain Gauge for more than 10 years! I was dismayed when I realized that the Water Collection Flute was leaking. We tried a few repairs on our own but they all failed eventually. I got in touch with World's Coolest Rain Gauges and was delighted to find that they would replace the flute! Fantastic and speedy customer service! Many thanks! We love WCRG!

3" Foam Repair Kit
Cindy Brown
Great product!

Love our rain gauge !!! We’ve had one for years and we love it!

3" Foam Repair Kit
Stephen Kaiser
Really like my "Coolest Rain Gauge"

After several years the foam in my rain gauge became water logged. Was glad the company offered the replacement foam cylinder. It got here timely and the gauge is once again providing accurate information.