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3" Foam Repair Kit For Our Floating Rain Gauge Tubes

3" Foam Repair Kit For Our Floating Rain Gauge Tubes

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Is it time to renovate or replace the foam in your rain gauge? If so, this 3" foam repair kit for our floating rain gauge tubes is designed to fit snugly and firmly into our proprietary blue polycarbonate rain gauge measurement tubes. The set includes two foam floats, adhesive and an applicator. These foam floats are meant for the World's Coolest Rain Gauge® only. Please be sure your measurement tube is just 6" long. If it is longer, you have a gauge produced by one of our many overseas competitors and our foam will not fit. 

If you've measured your tube and you're sure it's a fit, great! Watch the video below for complete instructions on how to easily install these rain gauge parts. The foam may seem to big but it is designed that way -- the pressure fit helps keep the foam in place. We include a small tube of clear adhesive with aids in foam retention and acts as a lubricant to get the oversized foam in place. You can use our adhesive or a clear waterproof caulk. Avoid hot melt glues or cyanoacrylates (crazy glue) because they may damage to foam and lead to inaccurate readings. 

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