Wholesale Buying Options

Great news — the World's Coolest Rain Gauge® is now available on a variety of wholesale ordering platforms. It's like going to all the best trade shows without, you know, actually going to trade shows. Each offers great deals and amazing products from an incredible array of indy makers, artisans and craftspeople. You may find another top seller for your garden center, gift shop or nature store.

Our wholesale portal is still available, too.  If you're a new customer, request access here. If you've ordered in the past, log in here

Check out Faire, your one-stop shop for wholesale. Faire offers net 60 terms and free returns on opening orders so it's easy and risk free to try something new. Check for ongoing promotions too. You can save a bundle!

Another great option is Tundra. Tundra makes it easy and efficient for business owners to find a wide variety of high quality products on just one site. Promos are often available and you can earn Tundra cash for referring other buyers or brands.

We're also up and running on Abound, a curated wholesale marketplace for one-of-a-kind products. Abound offers net 60 terms and free returns so it's easy to try new products!

If you need photos, videos or logos for promotional use, you can find them here.