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24" Copper Rain Gauge

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Copper is endlessly recyclable and impossibly beautiful which is why we chose it for our original Original Floating Rain Gauge™.

The solid copper collection flute is seamless and untreated so it will weather gracefully over time. The polycarbonate measurement tube is unbreakable and the 1/4" round steel stake powder coated for rust resistance. Easy to see and fun to use rain gauge.

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Best rain gauge I've ever had!

I've had this rain gauge for a couple years. It looks great, is accurate and can easily be read from in the house. Recently, I had to contact the company because something, probably a raccoon, somehow managed to get the blue cylinder out of the plastic tube. (It soon discovered that it didn't taste good!) I went to the company's website and ordered a replacement for $9.00. The replacement kit comes with two tubes, instructions and glue. It even included the toothpick needed to put glue inside the plastic cylinder! There was no shipping charge and I had the replacement within 3-4 days of ordering it. This company stands behind their product.

looks great and delivered quickly

As described

Can I purchase polycarbonate measurement tube?


it hasn't rained enough in my yard to register yet


This is a xmas gift when I picked it up off the porch a hole was in the end and a piece was coming out I just hope it’s all there

The World's Coolest Rain Gauge from the World's Coolest Company

After a very hot and dry summer, we had nearly 3″ a few days ago, and it has been raining again last night and today. How do we know this? Because we have the World's Coolest Rain Gauge! And that's no exaggeration. As it rains, the blue tube with clear ¼″ markings floats up out of the copper tube singing, "Woo-hoo! It's raining!" Well, okay, the singing bit is an exaggeration, but the Archimedean coolness bit isn't. Great company to do business with. Thanks!