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Minimalist Deck Rail Mount Holder Only

Minimalist Deck Rail Mount Holder Only

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Have a World’s Coolest Rain Gauge® with a different stand but think you’d like to try a deck mount? Our minimalist deck rail mount might be just the thing. This low-profile, right-angle steel mount is simple and elegant. This meticulously made mount attaches easily to any wood rail using screws that come included, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. Once in place, the mount serves as a discreet yet sturdy base for the copper gauge, which gracefully drops into a single refined ring. This design is intentionally minimalist, focusing on the sleekness of the copper gauge itself, allowing it to be the center of attention.

The beauty of this setup lies in its subtlety; the steel mount is designed to be almost invisible, blending with the background so that the rich, warm tones of the solid copper gauge stand out. By minimizing visual clutter, the design maximizes the aesthetic appeal of the copper, allowing its natural beauty and the patina it develops over time to shine through. This approach not only enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space but also turns the rain gauge into a piece of art, transforming a functional tool into a stylish accent piece.

The single elegant ring that holds the copper gauge provides a secure yet delicate cradle for the gauge, ensuring stability without overshadowing the copper’s natural allure. This design philosophy caters to those who appreciate the finer details in life, merging utility with unparalleled style. The result is a rain gauge setup that stands alone as a testament to minimalist design, offering a unique blend of practicality and aesthetic pleasure.

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