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Leak Free Solid Copper Water Collection Container

Leak Free Solid Copper Water Collection Container

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Functional and durable with undeniable aesthetic appeal, our expertly crafted solid copper water collection container is the cornerstone of our World’s Coolest Rain Gauge® line. Meticulously crafted of seamless, solid copper, this container fits into all of our heavy duty steel mounts. It measures 6” high by 1.5” wide (excluding the lip). 

Our copper is untreated so it will develop a rich patina over time. This process enhances its beauty, giving it a unique, aged appearance that adds character and charm to an already awesome rain gauge. If you'd like to learn how to speed up the patination process, go here for some fun project instructions.

This solid copper flute is engineered to be winter safe. Unlike glass or plastic rain gauges, its robust construction means you can leave it out all year. And copper is one of the most sustainable of metals. It is one of the only metals that can be repeatedly reused without a loss of quality. It’s estimated that 2/3 of all the copper mined in the last 100 years is still in use. Maybe in your World's Coolest Rain Gauge!

Its elegant design and sustainable construction make the Solid Copper Water Collection Flute a beautiful addition to any garden or outdoor space, marrying functionality with eco-friendly elegance. 

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