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Copper Water Collection Flute

Copper Water Collection Flute

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Solid copper water collection flute. Crafted of pure, solid copper. Dimensions are 6" high x 1.5" wide (excluding lip).
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joe Dery
Copper gauge cup

Made of a beautiful material, and a surprisingly hefty piece. I assume it will last decades. The plastic version didn't hold up to a later season freeze.

Art Murray
It's as beautiful looking as was my previous gauge. (And a note on the blue insert.)

I just bought it. It's not my first from WCRG. It's my second, the first, a 14-YEAR old stand-alone unit that finally bit the dust after too many times of the lawn people blowing it off the deck counter. The replacement is beautiful and I know it will work just fine, as did my former one.

As a note on a comment below on the blue insert sticking. That happened to me years ago. The solution:
1. Bring it in December, put it back outdoors in April. (Not for measuring snow, and the ice may damage it.)
2. In April, clean the inside of the copper tube with a cloth or brush and rinse and, most important,
3. WAX the outside of the blue insert with car wax!

Takes minutes and it works like 'budda'!

Mark Keneipp
Replacement parts order

We bought our rain gauge 6 years from a boutique store. Recently the copper unit and slide gauge simply had too much friction to work properly. I was so excited to find replacement parts available at a reasonable price with tax and S&H handling included in the price which I definitely appreciated!! These little extras seem to always add a surprise to a final order price. So I very much appreciated my order total cost!

Galen Dale
Copper collection tube

I had to replace the plastic collection tube with a copper one when the squirrels chewed a whole in it. The order process was easy and delivery was quick.

Larry P.
One of a kind rain gauge

Ordered the copper collection flute to replace the resin version. Was extremely impressed with the quality of the copper replacement particularly that it is seamless.