Collection: Fence Mount Rain Gauges For Wood

Minimalist Solid Copper Deck Rail Mount Rain Gauge For Wood - World's Coolest Rain Gauge Co.

Fence Mount Rain Gauges

Need a gauge for a wood fence or flat surface? Check these out. 

Particularly designed for wood fences and posts, the angle plate holder is a secure home for your gauge. The permanently welded spiral holds the gauge approximately 2.25 inches away from any vertical wood surface you choose for installation. This careful design prevents water runoff from the fence from skewing the measurements, ensuring the accuracy of the precipitation data you collect. Moreover, the package includes two screws, providing everything you need to quickly set it up and start tracking rainfall without delay.

But our offerings don't stop there. For those with specific types of fencing, such as a flat top cedar batten or a dog ear top fence, our minimalist mount is an ideal choice. This mount is also well-suited for straight board rails, offering a clean and unobtrusive way to monitor rainfall. Its simplicity doesn't detract from its functionality; rather, it offers a straightforward solution for rain measurement. By catering to various fencing types, we ensure that you can find a rain gauge mount that fits your garden's design and your functional needs. Whether your outdoor space is classic, rustic, or modern, our fence mount rain gauge options provide an elegant solution to rain measurement, blending seamlessly with your outdoor environment.