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Deck And Fence Mount Rain Gauges

Not everyone needs a rain gauge for a landscape bed or perennial garden. Some of us live on our decks or need to know how much rain fell in our fenced pasture. And guess what? We've got rain gauge for all that.

Deck mount copper rain gauges solve that age old problem: how can I know what’s going on outside without actually going outside?

Our heavy duty clamp rain gauge is a serious contender for beefiest rain gauge ever. It’s made by a metal shop in Chicago. They use 2-inch wide 7 gauge steel. The bends are reinforced with ribs that are embossed into the metal at 80 tons of pressure. Seriously. Eighty tons. The spiral is permanently and securely welded to the clamp mechanism. Mount your rain gauge where you can see it from inside without tools or hassle.

If you have a wood deck or flat top fence and prefer a more minimalist approach, give our deck rail mount a look. The mount is made by the same Chicago metal shop but they took it down a notch with the whole 80 tons thing. The mini has an unobtrusive angle bracket and extended ring holder to let your copper gauge shine. It requires screws (included) to install on wood.

More of a fence mount rain gauge person? We’ve got that too. On wood fences and posts, this angle plate holder keeps the gauge and permanently welded spiral about 2.25” from whatever vertical wood surface you install it on. It comes with 2 screws to get it up and running right away.