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Caring For Outdoor Copper Garden Decor To Prevent Or Create Patina

Caring for outdoor copper garden decor is an essential aspect of maintaining the beauty and longevity of these unique and striking pieces. Copper garden ornaments like the World's Coolest Rain Gauge add an elegant touch to any outdoor space. However, exposed to the elements, copper can undergo changes in color and texture. This guide will cover how to polish and protect copper garden decor with both commercial and household products, and how to intentionally speed up the aging process to achieve a desired patina using common goods and commercial solutions.

Understanding Copper and Its Patina
Copper is a versatile metal known for its vibrant reddish-orange hue. Over time, when exposed to air and moisture, copper undergoes a natural oxidation process, resulting in a patina—a protective layer that can range in color from blue-green to brown. Some gardeners appreciate this natural aging process, as it gives the copper a characterful, antique appearance that blends beautifully with the outdoor environment.

Polishing Copper Garden Decor

Commercial Products:
Commercial polishes specifically designed for copper can effectively clean and restore the metal's original luster. We're huge fans of the Maas line of metal polishes. They're great on copper and most other metals and they smell a little like lavender!

Household Products:
For those preferring a more natural approach, household items like vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda can also polish copper. A simple paste made from equal parts vinegar (or lemon juice) and salt, applied with a soft cloth, can remove tarnish. For tougher stains, adding baking soda to the mix to create a thicker paste can be more effective. Rinse with water and dry thoroughly after polishing.

Protecting Copper Garden Decor

If you want to retain the shine, you'll need to protect the copper after polishing.

Commercial Sealants:
Applying a commercial copper or metal sealant can provide a protective barrier against the elements. These sealants, available in spray or liquid form, are applied over clean, dry copper surfaces. They can effectively delay the tarnishing process and protect against fingerprints and water spots.

A natural way to protect polished copper is with a thin coat of micro-crystalline wax polish . Apply a small amount of wax with a soft cloth, allow it to dry, and then buff it to a shine. This method will need to be repeated periodically, as the wax layer will wear away over time.

Accelerating the Aging Process
Some prefer the matured look of aged copper and may wish to expedite the patination process.

Household Methods:
A mixture of vinegar and salt, sprayed onto the copper surface and left to dry, can initiate the patination process. Repeated applications and exposure to the elements will gradually age the copper. Another method involves burying the copper pieces in sawdust soaked in a mixture of vinegar, ammonia, and salt, which accelerates the aging process.

Commercial Patinas:
For those seeking a more immediate effect, commercial patina solutions are available. Consider liver of sulfer if you're shooting for a brown, vintage vibe. If you're hoping to create the beautiful green patina most commonly associated with aged copper, we recommend the bottled antiquing solutions available here. Similar products are available to bring out a blue finish.

These products are designed to react with the copper, creating a variety of patina effects, from green to brown, depending on the formula. The application can be more controlled with these products, allowing for artistic aging effects.

Maintenance Tips
Regular Cleaning: Gently clean your copper decor with water and a mild detergent, avoiding abrasive materials that can scratch the surface.

Reapplication: Remember that protective coatings and wax finishes will degrade over time, necessitating reapplication to maintain their protective qualities.

Caring for outdoor copper garden decor requires a balance between preservation and allowing natural aging, depending on personal preference. Whether you choose to maintain the bright shine of new copper with commercial polishes and protectants or accelerate the aging process for a distinguished patina, understanding the nature of copper and the effects of various substances on its surface is key. With proper care and maintenance, your copper garden decor can remain a beautiful and enduring part of your outdoor space for years to come.

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