Collection: Easy To Move Rain Gauges

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Easy To Move Rain Gauges

Rain can be a fickle friend, falling heavily in one spot and leaving another parched. The same can be said for sprinklers and irrigation systems.

Our easy to move rain gauges — the popular 24" stake rain gauge and the sturdy tabletop rain gauge — can be picked up and put down wherever you need to know what's going on water-wise. Rain doesn't fall the same everywhere in your yard – things like trees, buildings, and even small hills can change how much rain lands in different spots. By moving your rain gauge around, you'll get the real scoop on which parts of your garden are getting extra thirsty and which ones are just right.

These rain gauges are a cinch to move around your yard, letting you get the lowdown on how much rain each part of your garden is getting. Say goodbye to guesswork in watering and hello to a happier, healthier garden.

Whether you're trying to figure out the driest spot that needs extra love or just how to save on irrigations while keeping everything lush, this rain gauge has got your back. It's all about giving you the power to water wisely, ensuring every plant gets just what it needs. And because your garden's needs change with the seasons, this rain gauge is ready to move whenever you are, making sure you're always in tune with your garden's vibe.

Perfect for anyone who loves their outdoor space but hates wasting water or harming their plants, these gauges are here to make garden care simple and smart. Get ready to take your gardening game to the next level!