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The Philadelphia Flower Show: THE Show For Gardeners

Heading to the Philadelphia Flower Show? Great! It’s the biggest and coolest garden party around, where you can dive into a sea of flowers, get your green thumb inspired, and soak up some serious plant knowledge. This iconic event, hosted by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, showcases amazing floral and landscape designs, innovative gardening products, and educational sessions. Whether you're a first-timer eager to see what all the buzz is about or a seasoned pro looking for the latest in landscaping, here’s how to rock your visit.

Before You Go

Grab Those Tickets Early: Jump online and snag your tickets before they're gone. Heads up: they offer ticket exchanges but no refunds. Planning to roll deep? Check out the ticket packages for groups to save some bucks.

Plan Your Ride: Philly’s public transport can drop you pretty close to the action, or if driving's your jam, scope out parking spots early. Better yet, split a ride and skip the parking stress.

Pick Your Day and Time Wisely: Weekdays or early mornings/late evenings are your best bet to dodge the crowds. Peek at the schedule online to make sure you hit all the cool stuff you wanna see.

At the Show

Dress for Success: Comfy shoes are a must, and layers are your friend. A light backpack or bag will keep your hands free for more flower gazing.

Have a Game Plan: Grab a map and highlight your must-sees, but leave some wiggle room for spontaneous finds.

Capture The Moment: Photography is allowed and encouraged!

Learn Something New: Don’t miss out on the workshops and talks. It’s not all about looking at pretty flowers; you might just learn a trick or two.

Shop Till You Drop: The Marketplace is like Etsy but for plant lovers. Last day of the show? Vendors might cut deals to move their stuff, so keep those eyes peeled.

Eat, Drink, Repeat: Can’t bring in your own snacks, but there's plenty of grub and hydration stations inside. Prices can be a bit steep, so maybe munch before you come.

Service Animals Only: Only ADA Title III service animals can tag along, so leave your furry friends at home.

Bags and Strollers? Yes. Small bags and strollers are cool, but they'll take a peek inside. If walking's a hassle, scooters and wheelchairs are up for grabs. 

After the Show

Sort Your Loot: You’ll probably leave with a pile of brochures and goodies. Give them a sort sooner rather than later to keep the inspo flowing.

Keep the Vibes Going: Follow the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and any cool vendors or speakers you found on social media.

Spread the Word: Share your pics and stories. Your adventure might just spark a new garden guru in your circle.

Making the Most of It

The Philly Flower Show isn’t just about flowers; it’s about getting inspired, learning a ton, and joining a community that digs (pun intended) the same stuff you do. Plan ahead, stay flexible, and soak it all in. With a little prep and these insider tips, you’re all set to have an awesome time. See you at the show!

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