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No Mow May Supports Pollinator Populations

It's on! 

We're participating in No Mow May to help support our local pollinator population. Dandelions and violets are coming on strong but there's a bunch of exciting and previously unknown plants popping up all over our shaggy suburban lawn-turned-meadow.

Our smallish backyard is half sunny and half deep shade with a mix of healthy turf grass and mossy bare spots. There's also a large and growing patch of mock strawberry which requires no mowing or watering and seems pretty resistant to dog pee. It's evergreen here in zone 5 and gets a little yellow flower much loved by bees and flower flies followed by teeny strawberry-like berries that are definitely not delicious but are edible. It's not a native but it seems like a welcome stranger.

Our town offered some free paper signs and printables for residents willing to step away from the mower for the month. For a more long term solution to judgey neighbors, consider a permanent sign to remind everyone of why you're going long. Try now mow May in your yard this year!

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