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Really Big Berry Plants

Fun banana fact: they don’t grow on trees. The big, tropical plants are actually herbaceous perennials. Banana plants don’t have a trunk like an apple or pear tree. Instead, every year they grow layers of leaves that curl around each other to form a stem. The stems can be up to a foot thick and 40 tree-like feet tall but still. Not a tree. After the bananas are harvested, the plant dies back and grows again the following season just like your chives and mint.

And bananas aren’t done blowing your mind. They’re berries!. And not just any berries but TRUE berries. Not like poseur strawberries and raspberries who are actually aggregate fruits. According to Greta Lorge writing for the Stanford University Alumni magazine, true berries stem from one flower and one ovary and have several seeds. Bananas, tomatoes and kiwis fall into this group. Who knew.