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Control Ticks In Your Backyard

Ticks are getting worse. More prevalent, more lethal. Did you know there's a way to reduce the number of ticks you find in your backyard by up to 90%? There is and it’s simple to do. And the mice are going to help you.

The white-footed mouse is a primary carrier of the Lyme bacteria and a primary host of the black-legged tick. So it makes sense to enlist their help in controlling ticks. To do this, you’ll need tick tubes.

Tick tubes are small cylinders that are filled with a permethrin-treated material that is very appealing to mice. You distribute these tubes around the perimeter of your property and let the mice gather the treated material to line their little nests. It’s non-toxic to the mice (a plus or a minus, depending on your feelings about mice) but lethal to the ticks. In short order, the ticks die. Yay.

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